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For Email Marketers

Auto responders

Setup email series based on triggers such as email clicks or subscriber info.

Recurring email campaigns

Schedule recurring emails to be sent, such as "Every Friday". Fetch email content remotely.

Smart segments

Create smart segments based on subscriber activity. Use these segments to target your emails.

Subscription form designer

Design your subscription form on the fly and get new subscribers from your website on the fly.

A/B split testing

Run a/b tests on your emails and let Oempro decide the winner email based on conditions.

Email marketing reports

Track email opens, link clicks, unsubscriptions, invalid email addresses and spam complaints.

For Entrepreneurs

Multi-user platform

Create and manage multiple user accounts. Each user accont is fully isolated from others.

Bounced email processing

Monitor and identify bounced email addresses, filter them from your user lists and keep your reputation maximized.

Spam complaint processing

Enrol on Hotmail JMRP and other FBL programs and detect spam complaints instantly. Keep these emails away from your user lists.

User privileges and limiting

Set different access privileges and usage limits for your users. Offer signup plans for different feature tiers.

Separate re-branding for user groups

100% white-label email marketing software. Customize, rebrand under your own corporate identity.

API and plug-in engines

Extend Oempro features with Oempro's full featured API and plugin engine. Integrate with WHMCS, aMember and other systems easily.

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Octeth is an on-premise email marketing software. It runs on your server. You have full access to the system and database. And most importantly, you don't share your system with other users.

Hassle Free Installation On All Popular Platforms

Whether you use Amazon AWS, Google Cloud, or any other hosting environment, you can install and use Oempro in a few minutes.

Hassle Free Email Delivery Options

Whether you use your own SMTP server or a third party relaying email server, Oempro will render and delivery your emails successfully.

4000+ Customers in 80 countries and counting

In 21 years, we have helped to thousands of business owners all around the world to grow their businesses. From United States to Australia, thousands of business owners from 80+ countries use Oempro every day to send emails and manage their lists.

PreviewMyEmail is acquired

Octeth's popular email design testing service PreviewMyEmail is acquired by SMTP, Inc. in January'13.

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