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9 quick steps to build your in-house email marketing platform

Learn how to build your in-house email marketing platform and get started right away. From server setup to email marketing software setup, from backup system to choosing the right email delivery service, everything you need is explained in this free webinar replay.

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Building a sales funnel using Oempro and WordPress + Elementor

Learn how to design a sales funnel, implement subscriber lists, auto responders and integrate with your sales pages built on WordPress and Elementor.

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How to build an email delivery reputation faster than ever

Learn how to build a sender reputation for a higher delivery rate and long term success in email marketing.

Introducing Octeth's New On-Premise Software: IPMonitor

Real-Time Monitoring for Your Email IPs and Domains

No more data sharing and third party policy dependencies!

Introducing IPMonitor by Octeth – your on-premise software for effortless IP address and domain blacklist and reputation tracking.

Stay informed, enhance email deliverability, and manage with ease.

“The rich feature set of Octeth was another aspect that truly stood out for us. Whether it was email tracking, subscriber management, or automation, Octeth had everything we were seeking in an ESP. The platform not only met but exceeded our expectations, providing us with the tools necessary for effective communication and marketing.”

Bryan Rosenkrantz, President & Co-Founder

Learn how our clients succeed with us

Bart Wind

Bart Wind,

Gestionnaire d’applications

How Canton de Vaud runs their email broadcasts for their citizens

Sandeep Chheda

Sandeep Chheda,

Associate Director

How Concentrix streamlined its email marketing campaigns.

Adnan LaPamuk

Adnan LaPamuk,

Agency Owner

How Konsist streamlined its email marketing business line and manages more than 38 clients easily.

Grow your email marketing operations to the next level

Oempro’s exceptional benefits will give you a huge competitive advantage.

in-house email marketing platform oempro

No more data sharing and third party policy dependencies!

Run your email marketing on your infrastructure! No more data sharing with third parties. Protect your most valuable asset, your contacts! No more sudden account suspensions and enforced actions!

Run exceptional email campaigns

Get enterprise-level email marketing and audience management features on your own platform. User management to email campaigns, A/B tests to segmentation, powerful email delivery tools to automation.

exceptional email campaigns oempro
Increase conversions oempro

Increase your conversions by delivering more into the inbox

Oempro comes with powerful email delivery features. Leverage these features to warm-up your sender domains and IP addresses. Delivery more emails into your audiences’ inboxes.

Scale and customize as you grow!

You don’t need to wait ages for the hosted platform updates any more. Once you run your in-house email marketing platform, you are the one who makes critical decisions.

Scale and customize oempro
Updates oempro

Always stay up-to-date!

Get new updates to your system every few months. Our 22 year of experience in the email marketing space will turn you into a leader for your audience.

“Good team with awesome support service. Always available for help, advice and support. We are working hard to launch our marketing service and Octeth team is really there to help. And we know new version is coming with new features. Thank you.”

Lord Brar Adaptive

Lord Brar, VP Business Development

“Good team with awesome support service. Always available for help, advice and support. We are working hard to launch our marketing service and Octeth team is really there to help. And we know new version is coming with new features. Thank you.”

Lord Brar Adaptive

Lord Brar, VP Business Development

Discover Oempro’s Detailed Benefits and Download the Datasheet

Integrations and Partners

Oempro Integrations and Partners

Use Oempro to grow your business

Sales Funnels
SMS Marketing
Workflows / Automation
Email Marketing
Audience Management
Campaign Landing Pages

Enterprise-level features that will save you time and money

Oempro has tons of email marketing, audience management and email delivery features that will pivot your email marketing business into a champions league.

Multi-user platform

Setup multiple user accounts. Each user account has its own lists, campaigns, journeys.

Flexible infrastructure

Oempro is designed to scale as you grow. Ten millions of subscribers, hundreds of millions data can be managed.

In-house email marketing

Don’t share your data, audience, and key metrics on hosted platforms. Run your marketing stack on your infrasructure.

10+ integrations

Full-featured API, inbound and outbound webhooks, Clickbank, Zapier, and many other integrations are available.

Reporting & analytics

Real-time email, SMS, audience analytics. Get all kind of important metrics about your audience and campaigns.

Campaign management

Manage your email and SMS marketing campaigns under one roof. Run simultaneous campaigns.

Journey automation

Automate your sales funnels and workflows using state-of-art Journeys feature.

Real-time segmentation

Segment your audience based on attributes and activities. Send at the right time to the right people.

Dynamic email delivery

Let Oempro create your email content using remote content sources. Create once and let Oempro manage forever.


Enterprise-level features at a fraction of the price

Oempro is an on-premise software that runs on your own server. You don’t rely on a third party service. You simply purchase a license, and run it on your own server. Get enterprise-level features and experienced team onboard without breaking your bank account.

Starts from

One-time license fee
1-user/1-domain license
60-day money-back guarantee

Oempro quiz

Is Oempro the right fit for you?

Please take the quiz and schedule your intro session with the experienced Octeth Team. Let’s decide if Oempro is the right fit for you.

We will go through the following during our intro call session:

“Good team with awesome support service. Always available for help, advice and support. We are working hard to launch our marketing service and Octeth team is really there to help. And we know new version is coming with new features. Thank you.”

Lord Brar Adaptive

Lord Brar, VP Business Development


No! Oempro license fee is a one-time payment. You purchase the license and own it for lifetime. It’s a perpetual license.

Yes, it can be purchased separately. Our premium installation service fee is $1275 and covers server setup, package installations, Docker setup, MySQL database setup and optimization, Oempro installation, Oempro configuration, basic backup and security settings.

Oempro is a Dockerized system and it can run out-of-box on almost all environments where Docker is installed. But we recommend Ubuntu 18.04+ operating system as we are highly expert on this Linux distribution.

Oempro’s backend source code is encrypted and cannot be edited. You can extend and customize Oempro by leveraging the built-in API and plugin extension features. For source code acquisition, please contact us.

When you purchase an Oempro license, if you have also purchased a 12-month service package, you will get all major and minor upgrades within 12-months for free. We release a minor version every 6-8 weeks, and we release a major version every year.

That’s okay. You are 100% backed and protected. If you think that Oempro is not the right fit for you, please get in touch with us within 60 days of your license purchase. We will process a full refund asap. No questions asked!

For sales inquiries, please contact us via sales@octeth.com. For support inquiries, please contact us via support@octeth.com or book a one-on-one session with us on our calendar.

Octeth has been founded by Cem and Mert Hurturk in 1999. Since then Cem and Mert have founded 4 companies in the email marketing and delivery space, sold two of them and are still running Octeth and Sendloop. Sendloop became one of the biggest email delivery infrastructure companies and Octeth is the most popular and most advanced on-premise email marketing platform.

Build your in-house enterprise-level email marketing and audience management platform today!

* 1-user/1-domain perpetual license fee

Meet the Founders

Meet Cem and Mert. Founders of Octeth.

Octeth was founded in 1999 and became the most advanced and the most popular on-premise email marketing software. Ten thousands of customers all around the world are using Octeth email marketing solutions to broadcast their email campaigns and manage their audiences.

Mert and Cem are serial bootstrapped entrepreneurs and they are highly experienced in building scalable, high-performing marketing solutions for professional needs.

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In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • Choosing the right server
  • Installing server components
  • Installing the in-house email marketing software
  • Setting up the email marketing software
  • Choosing the email relaying service
  • Backup system
  • Email deliverability checklist
  • Monitoring your server
  • Monitoring your email
  • deliverability
  • Bonus step: List verification
  • Bonus step: Don’t do these!

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • Step #1: In-house email marketing software
  • Step #2: Setting up a catch hook via Zapier.com
  • Step #3: WordPress + Elementor Plugin
  • Step #4: Oempro inbounce webhook
  • Step #5: Setting up a get action via Zapier.com
  •  Step #6: Setting trailing segments
  • Step #7: Setting autoresponders
  • Bonus Step: Email address validation

In this free webinar, you will learn:

  • Step #1: List hygiene
  • Step #2: Audience segmentation
  • Step #3: Run email campaigns
  • Our goal is…
  • The result…
  • Important notes