Oempro v4.8.0 released

We are honored to announce the release of Oempro v4.8.0 which includes two very important features:

  • Docker Container support
  • Delivery Servers

In addition to these two new features, Oempro v4.8.0 includes bug fixes and a few improvements to make it more stable on various platforms.

Docker Container support brings Oempro v4.8.0 two important advantages. First of all, the installation of Oempro v4.8.0 is pretty straightforward and quick, thanks to Docker Container support. No more server package installations, dependencies, etc. Oempro Docker Container can be pulled from Docker Hub with a single command execution:

docker pull octeth/oempro

Delivery Servers feature brings Oempro an important advantage. From now on, for each user group, you can set up a different SMTP server to send marketing, auto-responder and transactional emails separately.

Foreach delivery server, different link tracking, open tracking, and MFROM domain can be setup. This gives you great scalability to warm-up your sender domains and IP addresses.

This version release is sponsored by Sendlane. We want to thank Sendlane and customers for their support on Oempro.

Visit Oempro’s What’s New page to learn more about the most recent improvements.