Octeth: Revolutionizing Email Marketing with Unbeatable Cost-Efficiency

Pay one time only, no matter how big your email list grows.

Octeth: Unrivaled Email Marketing at Unbeatable Prices

Discover the Cost-Effective Power of Octeth – Your Ultimate Comparison Guide to SaaS Email Marketing Services

The annual cost of ownership

Cloud (SaaS) Standart (50k subscribers) Premium (100k subscribers)
Octeth $5,500.00
One-time payment, unlimited subscribers, unlimited delivery
Mailchimp $4,890.00
750,000 email delivery limit
1,500,000 email sends
Convertkit $4,548.00 (55k)
unlimited email delivery
$10,548.00 (105k)
unlimited email delivery
Drip $8,388.00
600,000 email sends
1,200,000 email sends
Aweber $4,655.88
unlimited email delivery
AWeber branding
unlimited email delivery
AWeber branding
GetResponse $3,588.00
unlimited email delivery
unlimited email delivery
MailerLite $4,080.00
unlimited email delivery
1,200,000 email sends
Email Octopus $1,800.00
500,000 email sends
1,000,000 email sends
Benchmark Email $2,844.00
750,000 email sends
1,500,000 email sends
Ongage $11,388.00
5m email sends
20,000,000 contacts
7m email sends
40,000,000 contacts

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Success Stories from Octeth Users

“The rich feature set of Octeth was another aspect that truly stood out for us. Whether it was email tracking, subscriber management, or automation, Octeth had everything we were seeking in an ESP. The platform not only met but exceeded our expectations, providing us with the tools necessary for effective communication and marketing.”

Bryan Rosenkrantz, President & Co-Founder

Three major benefits to own the software:

Take full control of your email marketing with in-house operations. Own your data and protect your privacy.​
Experience enterprise-level marketing and audience management tools provided by Octeth.​
Grow your audience and delivery volume without concern. Use Octeth's powerful email delivery tools to reach more inboxes.​

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