DNS Record Splitter

Effortlessly Split and Format Your DNS Records for Seamless Management


Important Note:

While Google Cloud DNS and AWS Route 53 require quotation marks in its web interface, remember that these quotes should not appear in the actual DNS record itself. After setting up your DNS record, it’s a good idea to verify its accuracy with a validation tool.

Our SPF and DKIM record validators are designed to check and ensure that there are no stray quotation marks in your records. Use these tools to confirm that your DNS settings are correct and effective.

DNS Record Splitter Tool

Many DNS providers, including prominent services like Google Cloud DNS and AWS Route 53, mandate that long TXT records be split into segments no longer than 255 characters to avoid the common ‘invalid record data’ error.

This limitation is frequently encountered with DKIM records, which often exceed this length due to their complexity.

Our tool simplifies this process by automatically segmenting any lengthy DNS record into properly sized parts.

Simply enter your record above, and the formatted result will be displayed immediately.

Why Use the DNS Record Splitter?

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