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Gmail and Yahoo’s New Stand Against Spam: A Cleaner Inbox for 2024

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Hey there! Have you heard the latest news? Gmail and Yahoo, two of the most trusted email platforms, have decided to roll up their sleeves and get tough on junk emails. Yes, you heard it right! They’re declaring war on spam!

Starting from the first quarter of 2024, both Yahoo and Google have some new rules for those who send bulk emails. Let’s break it down:

Email Authentication

Firstly, they’re asking for stronger email authentication. This means that senders will need to use industry standards like SPF, DKIM, and DMARC. This will help the users, feel more confident about where our emails are coming from. No more guessing games!

Easy Unsubscription

Secondly, they’re making it easier for the users to say goodbye to unwanted emails. One click is all it should take to unsubscribe. They’ve been promoting this idea for a while, but now they’re making it a must. Senders will have to honor the unsubscribe requests within two days.

Spam Rate Threshold

Lastly, they’re making sure our inboxes aren’t filled with emails we don’t want. They’ve been keeping an eye on spam rates and sharing some data with trusted senders. But now, they’re setting a limit. They want to make sure our mailboxes stay spam-free. 

This is a big deal, folks! It means the importance of having a clear opt-out link in email content is on the rise. 

And with the Holiday Season just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to rethink your email content and layout strategy. If you want your holiday season campaigns to bring in big returns, you need to play by these new rules. 

So, let’s welcome this change with open arms. After all, who doesn’t want a cleaner, safer, and more organized inbox?

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