4000+ Customers in 80 countries and counting

In 20 years, we have helped to thousands of business owners all around the world to grow their businesses. From United States to Australia, thousands of business owners from 80+ countries use Oempro every day to send emails and manage their lists.

A few words from our customers...

"Every time we had a question we got it quickly and client oriented. Thank you and in particular Nihan."

David Méndez

"Good team with awesome support service. Always available for help, advice and support. We are working hard to launch our marketing service and Octeth team is really there to help. And we know new version is coming with new features. Thank you."

Bernard Leumassa

"Great customer support and great system. The 5 days trial wasn’t enough for us to fully assess the system’s capacities, we are glad to have access to a second trial period (after which we bought the product). Thank you Octeth :)"

Mahmoud Mhiri

"Congratulations for your software, it is very feature rich and easy to install and to use."

Riccardo Raneri

"This is a cracking piece of software well developed and takes account of most eventualities, downside, you need to set some time aside to learn the mechanics of it working for you…. Don’t let that put you off tho!"

Terry Pearson

"Easy to use and to install piece of software!"

Dennis Doeve

"I am pleased with your system and service. We have been working together for quite some years now and am posivitive about the changes in the latest versions. Clearity in the user interface is now much better, Before it was confusing and for more advanced users."

Thomas Andre de la Porte

"I would just like to report back that you have an amazing piece of web-based software. And your documentation is incredible. For example, this page is so thorough, unlike anything I have seen before: Oempro Bounce Settings Well done on a fantastic product!"

Eugène, Snowball

"This software is simply great. I spent a lot of money before on other similar e-mail marketing programs but none of them worked this well."

Peter Kovacs

"Great product, a real one of a kind. Enterprise level features for a small business price. Excellent product, really is a one of a kind on the market… Sales and support are both good, although could be a little faster at times. Also telephone support could be improved… Just grateful that support exists altogether as it often doesn’t… Aside from that really happy."

Luke Wingfield Digby

"After using OS software such as PHPList for our customers, Oempro is a revelation when it comes to usability and flexibility. There is no sense in developing your own e-marketing software (what we considered for a while), since Oempro does everything you need, and comes with a very reasonable price."

Rudy Dierckx

"We work with you for several years and this is a great product and this version 4 is a must. Thanks."

Antonio Sequeira

"After a long search i am very happy that i found Oempro – a really great piece of software! Can’t wait for v4.1."

Christian Schindler

"Go on like that! You have perfect support and sales services!!"

Alberto Bianchet

"Very happy with the pre sales advice and the support received in uploading the software."

Paul Hutton

"Love the software! Excellent job on the design and functionality!"

Dan McDaniel

"As of now I am extremely satisfied about the product."

Martin Raymond

"The Octeth team is incredible! Very professional. I recommend for everybody that is looking for a serious business partner."

Ricardo Pancini

"Great Email Marketing Software … best of all the available in the industry today. Keep it up Cem !! You have won it all."

Ketan Chandaria

"For the past few years I have specialized in email marketing. I have tried many solutions before I discovered Oempro: definitely the best, most complete and easy to use. Plus, customer/technical service is excellent. Recommended for beginners and professionals!"

Stephane Demets

"Wonderful so far. Took a bit of PHP code to get the embed to work it exactly the way I wanted, but the flexibility of your system allowed me to figure it out. Perfect."

Greg Ipp

"The effectiveness of Oempro is great. Finally we can measure the success of our mailings. Conversion is the magic word."

Quintijn Smith

"We have OEMPro installed in a number of large customers who use this product weekly. The product is elegent in its delivery and equal to that is the masterful and timely support we get when it is needed."

Philip Fell

"OemPro is the best mass-mail sending program around."

Davide Moretti

"You have a great after-purchase service. Thank you for your help. I am very happy with InnovateHelpDesk. I only spent only over the half of estimated budget and owned a great support software. Worths every penny."

Micheloud Johnson

"I got replies to my questions very fast. I appreciate your service and client understanding. Your software is excellent! We got it and now in service only after 45 minutes of installation and integration. Now, it is the backend of our company’s intranet."

John Walker

"Thanks for a great product! I am loving both Oempro and HelpDesk – both are helping out with business! Keep up the great work."

Charles Andrew Brown

"I had started using innovateHelpdesk system for a while and it is easy to customize this blend in with the site design easily"

Chin Yong Lee

"OEMP is a powerful and useful software for my mailing lists. It includes many features. You integrated my requests to OEMP and considered my ideas. Thanks a lot! Best wishes and success."

Levent Ogut

"You are a great team developing great software. I encourage you to maintain this high quality. Thank you for excellent service and product."

Robert D. Goodale

"This is an extremely powerful tool! I have been through lyris, listbuilder and others but this one beats em all. Keep up the good work!"

Jan van der Reis

"The OEMP Support Team is definitely the best team I have encountered on the internet. Their fast response time and customer dedication makes them true IT professionals"

George Ihring

"…this is absolutely one of the most intelligently coded and comprehensive web applications I have ever seen. Great job! Also, the support I have seen from your operation so far has been excellent. Keep up the good work."

Bryan Scanzoni

"Thanks for a great product! I am loving both Oempro and HelpDesk – both are helping out with business! Keep up the great work."

Charles Andrew Brown

"We would like to thank Octeth Technologies for providing us such great software. Recently our server has upgraded to support MySQL database, so we could install and use Oempro mailing system. Our overall experience untill now is excellent."

Jabuka, art.plus

"…by the way… if you do not already know: you’re the best!"

Christine Uster

"Oempro is a great tool! We already work quite a lot with it! It is comparable to all the much more expensive online newsletter systems with monthly charges – but it is less cheaper! Only one payment and that’s it! There are still a few things that need to be imprved (problem with change of […]

"We have working with other companies, but after struggling with lack off support, we looked around after a new ESP provider. After Googling around, the company Octeth came to our knowledge. After installing and participate the beta program for the new version, we where blown away. The support was way better than we could expect. […]

"Before we moved to OemPro, we had difficulties with other email marketing scripts that had issues with everything from sending to lack of features such as basic reporting. Ever since we have moved to OemPro, we have left that all behind. We can easily setup campaigns for ourselves and our clients – giving clients the […]

"This is my third try for support softwares. I was always under stress while using other softwares. InnovateHelpDesk is the one i looking for. I ordered it and now, very happy. My team is using InnovateHelpDesk to answer ~50 support tickets per day and it is easily handling it. Nice piece of software with nice […]

"This product worked perfectly just "Out of box" (in fact, out of the mail). We needed a server-side mailing list solution that supports HTML e-mails. This product met our requirements and more. The customer support is the best I have seen for this type of product. They helped me to install and customize the product […]

"First, I must applaud the team on a fine product. I researched all over for something that was very specific to my goal, but yet versatile enough and portable enough to be safe and easy to use by my own team. I checked out several packages, installed the demos, only to discover that none of […]

"Congratulations for a professional and feature packed solution. I was looking for a solution for my mailing list (around 50,000 opt-in members) and finally found Octeth Email Manager Pro.It’s worth every penny. Thank you for your kind support also. It includes lots and lots of features. I am looking forward to your future updates. Keep […]

"I have been a client for two years and I can only say that Octeth Email Manager Pro is a great product! Your service is great! Maintain this high quality in the following years… You keep me updated with the new versions of OEMP which improves my business and my profit day by day… Thank […]

"OEMP is a fantastic solution to manage any type of mailing list. It’s features allow the user to integrate a subscription form in a Web site, to send e-mail campaigns easily and fast, to set a database with the member’s information, and much more. It has everything you’ll need to administrate mailing lists in a […]

"I highly recommend Octeth Email Manager Pro for anyone serious about email campaign management. It is very easy to setup and get running right out of the box. This package has every feature you could possibly need and is well worth the cost. 10+ Stars for Octeth! Definitely the best customer support I have ever received! […]

"When we first began the project that introduced us to Octeth, we knew we had an incredible amount of functionality to develop, and a limited budget to do it with. We looked for inexpensive or open source projects that could give us a little head start. We were not expecting to come across a product […]

"After searching for a good email product for mail campaigns, I came across OEM-Pro. I was very surprised when I discovered this feature rich product at such an affordable price. I am extremely happy with OEM-Pro and now recommend it to all my clients that publish newsletters or have email list. So far I have […]

"Octeth’s Oempro newsletter management solution is by far the best solution I have seen for small web design business like myself. It can be easily configured to offer newsletter management service to several customers. Administration right can be managed in details in order to allow access even to non computer litterate users. We checked other […]