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Octeth Plug-Ins

Customize your Octeth platform with plug-ins of your choice

Amazon SES

By Octeth

Send emails with Amazon SES sender identities and get delivery reports with Amazon SNS.

Free to install


By Octeth

Create a content pool on Airtable and let Octeth randomize them for each email campaign.

$199 one-time license fee

API Logger

By Octeth

Debug and monitor incoming API requests by adding them to a log file.

Free to install

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By Octeth

Remove invalid and risky email addresses from your lists. Run both bulk and instant verifications.

Free to install

Link Blocker

By Octeth

Ensure that specific email links expire after a specific period to avoid outdated campaigns.

$49 one-time license fee

Webhook Distributor

By Octeth

Send email addresses to various subscription webhooks to trigger journeys and autoresponders.

$249 one-time license fee


By Octeth

Send emails via Mailgun. Leverage your Mailgun-powered sender domains in your email marketing campaigns.

Free to install

MX Scaner

By Octeth

Sort and identify potential spam trap MX servers by analyzing the MX servers of your recipient email addresses.

$1,459 one-time license fee

Frequency Controller

By Octeth

Set how many times each recipient can receive an email from Octeth every day. Manage the delivery frequency.

$499 one-time license fee

Google Analytics

By Octeth

You can register link click activities to a Google Analytics account instantly.

$99 one-time license fee

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