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AI Copywriting Assistance

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AI Copywriting Assistance

By Octeth

Overcome writer’s block and create engaging emails in seconds!

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Increased Writing Efficiency

This plugin helps email marketers save time and effort on generating content ideas and crafting emails, allowing them to write, edit and deliver faster.

Quality Content

The AI Copywriting Assistance plugin leverages powerful artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques to generate high-quality content alternatives that match the tone of your brand.


The Octeth AI Copywriting Assistance plugin is free of charge and does not require any additional costs for usage.

About the Plug-In

The Octeth’s AI Copywriting Assistance plugin is a perfect solution for email marketers looking to quickly generate compelling email content. This plug-in provides email marketers with alternative content suggestions in just a few seconds, helping them overcome writer’s block and create engaging emails for their audiences. 

This plug-in requires Octeth or Octeth Community Edition v5.1.1 or higher versions and an OpenAI API key (which is free). The OpenAI API key is necessary for the plug-in to access the AI copywriting assistance, which will help users generate email subject and content alternatives quickly and accurately. The API key must be entered before the plug-in can be used, and can be acquired for free from the OpenAI website.

Plug-in help article can be accessed here.

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The AI Copywriting Assistance plug-in is free to install. Contact Us to download it.