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By Octeth

Email list verification made easy for Octeth owners.

Free to install

Remove Invalid Emails

Run bulk verification of your lists and easily remove invalid risky email addresses.

Filter Role-Based Emails

Detect role-based email addresses and remove them from your lists.

Protect Before Opt-In

Trigger protection before the opt-in process with Cleanify’s instant verification feature.

About the Plug-In is a high-accurate email list verification service that helps you keep your email lists away from possible spam traps, as well as role-based, invalid and risky email addresses.

In today’s digitized world, protecting your email deliverability starts way before sending the opt-in confirmation email to your new subscribers.

Octeth’s plug-in will connect your Octeth platform with your account in one click. You can enable the Cleanify plug-in for specific user groups, and decide what risk levels to accept or reject.

Octeth’s Cleanify plug-in gives you instant access to verification numbers.

Once you activate the Cleanify plug-in, the “Bulk Verification” feature will be enabled on subscriber list dashboards. Likewise, opt-in forms will be protected with an instant email address verification feature.


This app is supported by Octeth.


The Cleanify plug-in is free. To start using it, you’ll need a account. For more detailed information about pricing, please check their website.