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Google Analytics

By Octeth

You can register link click activities to a Google Analytics account instantly.

$99 one-time license fee

Multiple GA Tracking IDs

Pick any of previously set Google Analytics tracking ID when creating your email campaign.

Multiple Customer IDs

Pick any customer ID when creating an email campaign.

Real Time Tracking

Push email link click activities to Google Analytics in real time.

About the Plug-In

This plug-in provides an instant connection between your Google Analytics tracking ID and your email campaign content. You can establish this connection by defining your Google Analytics tracking ID and customer ID in the administrator area. Having done this, you can select any of these assets when creating your email campaigns.

Email link click activities will be registered to the selected Google Analytics ID. This tracking information will give you a better understanding of your customers’ interactions with your email campaigns.


This app is supported by Octeth.


Purchase a Google Analytics plug-in license for a $99 one-time payment.