By Octeth

Send emails via Mailgun. Leverage your Mailgun-powered sender domains in your email marketing campaigns.

Free to install


Send emails using Mailgun-powered sender domains.

Easy Integration

Enable Mailgun integration in one click, and assign your Mailgun sender domains to different users and recipients.

Process Reports

Process the incoming bounce, complaint, and delivery reports instantly.

About the Plug-In

This plug-in enables the integration between your Octeth platform and Mailgun accounts. This means that you can use your Mailgun sender domains in your email marketing campaigns. You can set up Mailgun sender domains as delivery servers in your Octeth platform and assign them to users and/or recipients based on their attributes and activities.

The Octeth platform will capture delivery events and complaints from your Mailgun account and match them with your email campaigns accordingly.


This app is supported by Octeth.


Mailgun plug-in is free to install. Click the download button above to download it.