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MX Scanner

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MX Scanner

By Octeth

Sort and identify potential spam trap MX servers by analyzing the MX servers of your recipient email addresses.

$1,459 one-time license fee

Identify MX servers

Identify MX servers by scanning email addresses on the system.

Classify MX servers

Download email domains that use the same MX server.

Segment Builder

Create segments based on MX server information for high-precision email campaign targeting.

About the Plug-In

MX Scanner is a powerful tool that scans all email addresses on your Octeth platform, analyzes their MX servers and classifies them according to their patterns.

You can download these classified MX servers and recipient email address domains that use them, or create segments for high-precision email campaign targeting.

With this advanced plug-in, you can identify potential spam trap services, ban them and utilize your email campaigns just for the genuine target audience.


This app is supported by Octeth.


Purchase an MX Server plug-in license for a $1,459 one-time payment.