Webhook Distributor

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Webhook Distributor

By Octeth

Send email addresses to various subscription webhooks to trigger journeys and autoresponders.

$249 one-time license fee

Distribute Subscribers

Randomly distribute subscribers to multiple subscription webhooks.

Customizable Execution Intervals

Set the webhook execution time intervals for distributed delivery.

Distribute Your List to Different Delivery Servers

Maximize your deliverability by splitting your entire list into smaller lists for every delivery server you have.

About the Plug-In

Have you ever wondered how to subscribe new email addresses to your multiple subscriber lists over time? Or how to initiate a delivery server warm-up plan?

Webhook Distributor enables you to spread your entire email list to multiple subscription inbound webhooks at specific time intervals. Octeth will randomly match an email address with a subscriber list and regularly execute the subscription webhooks you set. This way, you can spread your entire audience into smaller groups, trigger different autoresponders, compare results, and implement a warm-up plan for your delivery servers.


This app is supported by Octeth.


Purchase a Webhook Distributor plug-in license for a $249 one-time payment.