Oempro v4.10.1

What's new?

Oempro v4.10.1 introduces a few cool new features and some critical improvements.

Default custom fields

Define default custom fields to be created whenever a user creates a new subscriber list.

System-wide global custom fields

Define global custom fields which will be available system wide. Make these custom fields available in personalization tags with an alias. Example: First Name => %Subscriber:FirstName%

Enable MySQL import and sync features

From now on, you can enable or disable MySQL import and sync features on User Group Permissions section.

Subscriber list sender info

Enable sender info feature for user groups and your users will be asked to enter sender name, email and address for each subscriber list they create.

Oempro Bounce SMTP Server

Built-in SMTP bounce processing server

We've added a built-in high-performance async VERP/non-VERP bounce processing SMTP server. You can check number of connections and processed messages in administration area.

Various Bug Fixes

Besides these two cool features listed above, various bugs have been identified and fixed in the v4.10.1 release.