Oempro v4.12.0

What's new?

Oempro v4.12.0 is focused on improving the segmentation feature to give you more flexibility for better audience targeting.

Oempro Global Segments

Global segments

The system administrator can setup global segments based on subscriber attributes (including global custom fields) and activities (email opens, link clicks, forwards, web browser views).

Oempro Global Segments

Global segment delivery servers

Assign a different delivery server to each user group inside a global segment. Wouldn't it be great to send emails to highly engaged Gmail subscribers through a different SMTP server?

Oempro Global Segments

Last X emails

In segment rules, you can now add a recipient activity rule with "last X emails" limit. For example, you can narrow down your segment audience to recipients who have opened an email at least 1 time in the last 10 emails.

Oempro Global Segments

Relative dates

In addition to setting up absolute dates, you can now setup relative dates. This is a quite powerful segmentation feature if you want to target a specific audience group based on a trigger date, prior to or after the date.

Various Bug Fixes

Besides these features listed above, various bugs have been identified and fixed in the v4.12.0 release.