Oempro v4.13.0

What's new?

Oempro v4.13.0 introduces a powerful, high-performance send engine and a third party email verification service integration for higher email delivery reputations.

Oempro Process Stats Dashboard

Process stats dashboard

View the list of Oempro processes including process execution time, health status and memory allocation.

Oempro Seed List

Seed email addresses

Set a list of email addresses in the administrator area and these email addresses will receive a copy of each outgoing email campaign through the system. Ideal for monitoring inbox placement status and other delivery issues.

Oempro High Performance Send Engine

High performance send engine

Oempro v4.13 introduces a brand new send engine which is capable of handling multiple campaigns at the same time with high performance throughput. The multi-process send engine gives you ability to scale the email rendering & delivery processes at anytime when needed.

Oempro Cleanify.io Integration

Email list verification

Enable instant email verification for subscribe API, subscribe forms and webhooks. You can also enable bulk verification for email lists. This feature can be enabled or disabled for each user group separately. Email verification feature is powered by Cleanify.io integration.

Various Bug Fixes

Besides these features listed above, various bugs have been identified and fixed in the v4.12.0 release.