Oempro v4.14.3

What's new?

In this release, we introduce many new (and exciting) features and key improvements too our existing features.

Oempro S2S Postback Integration

S2S Postback integration

Track your email campaign performances with the most accurate conversion tracking method. Integrate your Oempro powered email campaigns with third party tracking services using S2S postback integration.

Oempro Built-In SpamAssassin Filter

Built-in SpamAssassin spam filter

No more Octeth call-home for spam filter testing. Oempro comes with built-in SpamAssassin powered spam filter testing. Faster and more detailed.

Email Marketing Campaign Conversions

Conversion tracking

Track conversions occurring on your website and get detailed conversion reports for multiple channels and S2S postback integration options.

Email Pre-Header Texts

Email pre-header texts

Add email pre-header texts into your HTML email campaigns to support your email subject lines with relevant content.

IPMonitor.app Integration

IPMonitor.app integration

Track your sender IP addresses and domains, monitor against 100+ blacklists, keep an eye on Microsoft SNDS reputation data and more using your IPMonitor.app account right inside your Oempro admin area.

Campaign Search Queries

Campaign search queries

No more huge email campaign lists. Filter your campaign list based on many criteria, writing queries and saving them as search filters for re-use in the future.

Oempro Inbound Webhook For Async Bounce Processing

Inbound webhooks for bounce processing

It's now a lot easier to capture async bounces from third party solutions such as PowerMTA and GreenArrow. Simply implement the logging to your service and Oempro will start capturing async bounce data instantly.

The Email Marketing Funnel

The email marketing funnel report

We have built a new report dashboard for email campaigns. You can see detailed metrics of your campaign total audience, email opened audience and link clicked audience with a single click. Get detailed ESP breakdown for each funnel step.

Oempro List ESP Breakdown

Subscriber list ESP breakdown

You can now see ESP breakdown of your list audience for active subscribers, email opened subscribers, link clicked subscribers and overall. Keep an eye on activity metrics based on ESP breakdown.

Oempro New Subscriber Import Tool

Powerful new subscriber import tool

The subscriber import tool is written from scratch to support higher data file imports. You don't need to keep your web browser activity anymore. Oempro will do the work in the backend and import your audience.

Auto responder rules inside segments

Auto responder activities (opens, clicks, browser views and forwards) can now be used in segment rules to filter your audience. You can now run segment rules based on any campaign or auto responder activity, or for specific auto responders.

Cleanify.io integration improvements

The Cleanify.io integration was a big success, it's being used by hundreds at the moment and based on the valuable feedback we've received from our customers, many improvements have been made to the Cleanify.io integration.

Powerful new segment engine

Oempro v4.14.3 release comes with a powerful segment engine which is developed from scratch. It's a high-performance and full-featured segment engine. You can set up multiple segments with trailing rule sets. This feature gives you ability to run evergreen email campaigns quickly.

Open rates on user dashboards

You can now see open rates and bar charts on the user dashboard. This will give you a quick info about what's going on with your email campaigns.

User group cloning

It was quite challenging to create a new user group based another one. Now, you can save an existing user group as a new user group.

Various Bug Fixes

Besides these features listed above, various bugs have been identified and fixed in this release.