Oempro v4.7.0

What's new?

Oempro 4.7 brings two of the most requested new features; API keys for user accounts and mobile ready Javascript chart engine. This version also brings new tools for plugin developers, bug fixes and improvements.

API Keys for User Accounts

All user accounts in Oempro can have multiple API keys. With these new API keys, it is much simpler to authenticate and run API commands. This new feature comes with the following improvements:

  • API Key management screen in user area settings page
  • Each API key can be bound to different IP addresses
  • Improved API authentication

Mobile Ready Javascript Charts

With Oempro 4.7, all charts are now mobile compatible, including iOS and Android. New Javascript chart engine is also faster.

New Personalization Tags for Custom Email Headers

With the new personalization tags for custom email headers, you can embed more information about subscribers into the email source.

  • Subscriber subscription IP address
  • Subscriber subscription date

With these new tags, the following email header is possible now:

X-Subscription-info: Subscribed on 2014-05-12 with ip - Manual Import

“List-Unsubscribe” Header with Unsubscribe Email Address

We’ve added new unsubscription request processing through FBL complaint email address which enables direct unsubscription from within the email clients.

Extend Oempro API with Your Plugin

This is big new for Oempro plugin developers. With 4.7 release, there is a new plugin hook which allows you to add new API commands to Oempro API. Authentication, authorization and response formatting is all handled by Oempro. Here is how it looks:

class octapitest extends Plugins {
	public function load_octapitest() {
		parent::RegisterAPIHook('MyApi.Get', 'octapitest', array('user'));
	public function api_myapi_get($parameters) {
		return array('Success' => true, 'ErrorCode' => 0, 'hello' => 'world!');

For more information, please check the documentation: Adding a new API command

New API Commands

Automatically contact your slipping away users or users who are having a problem with a specific feature on your app, or users who have just signed up and in trial period. Send the right message, to the right person at the right time.

  • Campaign.Pause
  • Campaign.Resume
  • Campaign.Cancel
  • User.Snapshot

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Export bounce statistics issue in campaign overview screen
  • Automatically assigning copies of a repeating campaign to client accounts
  • Relative image url issue in emails
  • Sendgrid event hook improvements
  • Bounce rate ratio in campaign overview screen pie chart
  • UI template customization issues
  • Email attachment file name issues
  • Some fixes and improvements on existing plugin hooks

Frequently Asked Questions

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