Oempro v4.8.0

What's new?

Oempro v4.8.0 is the bridge version between v4 and v5 versions. In this version, we introduce Docker container support, and multi-delivery servers for user groups.

Oempro loves Docker

Oempro ❤️ Docker

That's right, as of 4.8.0, Oempro comes with Docker container support. With a simple command "docker-compose up" Oempro becomes available on your server, running before HAProxy. No more complex server setup procedures.

Step 1: docker pull octeth/oempro
Step 2: docker-compose up

Delivery Servers and Custom Domains

Create delivery servers with separate SMTP delivery settings, custom sender domains, custom link and open tracking domains.

Assign these delivery servers to user groups for "marketing", "transactional", and "auto-responder" email delivery channels.