Oempro v4.9.0

What's new?

Oempro v4.9.0 introduces list sender information and list sender enforcement in email campaigns.

Oempro List Sender Information

List Sender Information

Let your users enter sender name, email address, address and other information for each subscriber list they create.

This sender information will then be used to add a footer to outgoing email campaigns.

Administrators can enable this feature on user group level.

Oempro Sender Enforcement

Sender Enforcement

If enabled in user group settings, the sender name and email address will be enforced to the group user.

In this kind of situations, user cannot change the sender name and email for outgoing email campaigns, auto responders and transactional emails.

Various Bug Fixes

Besides these two cool features listed above, various bugs have been identified and fixed in the v4.9.0 release.

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