Oempro v4.9.1

What's new?

Oempro v4.9.1 introduces a few cool new features and some critical improvements.

Oempro Docker and Let's Encrypt

Out-of-box SSL support for the Docker version

Oempro v4.9.1 with Docker now supports Let's Encrypt SSL activation with a few steps to follow.

Please refer to our related knowledge base article for setting up SSL.

Oempro Sender Enforcement

HTML to plain text email conversion

With a single mouse click, Oempro can convert your HTML email content into a plain text copy and put it into your email newsletter.

You don't need to create your plain text content version from scratch any more.

HTML to plain text conversion

HTTPS enforcement for tracking links

For higher email deliverability, if the SSL feature is enabled, tracking links and images are served under HTTPS.

Oempro Journeys


Automate specific processes when a condition occurs.

Create unlimited amount of journeys which can be triggered when a subscription, unsubscription, link click, email open activity occurs. Or trigger manually.

Setup sequential actions for each journey. Such as wait for 1 day, send data to Zapier. Subscribe to another list.

Oempro Docker and Mailhob

Mailhog Docker Container

For internal email delivery testing, we've added Mailhog container to the Oempro Docker. Please update your Oempro Docker repo to the latest version.

Various Bug Fixes

Besides these two cool features listed above, various bugs have been identified and fixed in the v4.9.1 release.